Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pointy Screams!

Well look who's lookin' pretty (that was for the fan girls, enjoy it as I don't do it often). It's Starscream in all his treacherous glory in a whole new mold.
And what a mold it is! Quite a few people aren't very pleased with this and have even said they are leaving it behind when walking out of the store. I've seen several on shelves but no Bulkheads. Well you guys are missing out if you let this one go. Not only is it fun to play with but it has far more accurate details than the FE version. yeah, it's way too large and not in scale with the rest of the line but I don't care. IT'S FUN!!!

Usually I start breaking down which colors I used but man, I had to mix a lot to get these grays going just right. Even my old Gun metal standby got a bit of white to lighten it up. One of the most fun parts was his chest. I went over it in chrome so with was SUPER reflective. Then I covered that in a semi-gloss coat and the end result is that uniform silver you see.

Of course I had to cover up those clear forearms and get the missiles looking just right. That includes two different reds to imitate the show.

Did I mention how much I love this mold? Even the non-accurate kibble is awesome as it actually fits with the aesthetic of the overall figure! He remains lithe and pointy and rather evil.

Don't let this slide buy. Grab one! You'll love it!

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