Monday, December 29, 2014

RiD Grotusque

Available here for purchase!
As a kid I loved this toy. A winged fire breathing thingy... which as a adult I realize looks like a gopher. Oh well, he was still the best thing ever. So I'm pretty pumped to be able to make a new version of him.
Now he's a winged dumpy dino. The wings stay in place during transformation. I'm also kinda tickled that I could work in the spark trigger on top of his head.

Now to figure out how to make Repugnus...

Sunday, December 28, 2014

RiD Steeljaw

RiD Steeljaw fully repainted for show accuracy and the symbol divot on his chest has been filled.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

White Paint App Tricks

This is the first of many tutorials I want to get posted. I'll do more video tutorials as well but that'll have to be in the new year. For now let's tackle an issue I see many people mention: dealing with white paint.

Now there are many ways to deal with this, the most simple is to use a primer coat and then carefully spray the paint on with an airbrush. But what about details? Or smaller toys you want to hand brush? Well I'd like to share two easy ways to deal with this.

1: Properly Mixed Colors
When I need to paint stark white I don't use straight white paints. I use a mix of these two guys:

4 parts Gloss White to 1 part Flat Aluminum. Both Tamiya brand acrylics. This mix gives the white a very slightly pearlescent look so that it has a nice luster while giving it just enough of a viscous body to adhere and spread evenly. This is of course after both have been thinned properly. Always remember that thinning your paints is a must for an even coat.

By using this blend you'll get a white like the one I used on this guy:

2: Sometimes White Isn't The Answer

Now let's take a look at this guy:

Notice the difference between the gloves and his hat/shirt? Yeah, he's not white but a very very light gray. This is an example of working with subtleties instead of extremes. Using that light gray adds more depth and allows you to keep a screen accurate look as the gloves and shrt are indeed different colors in the game itself.
Now when I saw work with subtleties I'll have you know I rarely use stark black on my customs. It's almost always a very dark gray. it allows for, again, more depth and let's you differentiate between colors and shadows.

With that in mind I think our next lesson will be about panel lines and why you should never use black washes. Never ever.


Monday, December 15, 2014

Screen Accurate RiD Grimlock
So here's how this guy came out of the box:

So I clearly had to fix that. The animation model is SO much better than this. And the mold is ready for all those details...

G1 Style RiD Grimlock
Because we all knew this had to happen right away. The new RiD Grimlock mold given a G1 color scheme.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Star Wolf


So Fox... dear dear Fox, with your super quick evilness. Many people use Star Wolf colors in this game. I assume it's because all Fox players are evil... including me when I pick him up.

This figure involved a lot of mixes for the varying purples he has in the game.

Monday, December 8, 2014

PHARMA - The Mad Medic

This started as a Starscream custom. I wanted to go in a different direction and I still will later down the line. But as I was looking at different heads I looked at Sandstorm and it hit me... and then I made this guy. Chopping off parts and swapping the wings around and BAM! Pharma.
Unlike most of my customs I don't plan on making anymore more of this guy. One of a kind. No commissions. No preorders. This is the only one.

Check back later as I'll add more pics tomorrow.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Fusion Suit Samus And Red & Light Blue Yoshis

Per usual You can CLICK HERE for all of my Amiibo Custom Sales.

First up we have a suggestion from one of my good friends that kinda loves this color scheme and the game from which it came. Now of course the Fusion Suit from Metroid Fusion isn't this bulky but Smash Bros works around it and maps the colors to the suit pretty damn well.
I used a light metallic blue and a slightly metallic pale yellow. Gunmetal joints for that added level of detail.

And down here we have two more additions to the army of Yoshis.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Princess Peach - Red Dress Variant

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This may be my favorite Peach variant so far. Maybe because it feels so festive for the holidays.