Monday, July 30, 2012

SDCC Brawl Uprgraded

So yeah, Brawl is my least favorite in the group of FoC Combaticons. It's funny though, I've taken a bit more of a liking to this guy with a bit of paint.

Also here is more of these guys. Inspired by the TCC figures and made before their release.

SDCC Swindle Upgraded

I'm currently in the middle of another deluge of commissions but I wanted to share this briefly. MySDCC Bruticus project has begun...

So yeah, this is the first of the five. I decided to start with my favorite of the set. Mind you I'm not a big Swindle fan but I do like this toy a lot! Next will be my least favorite...

Later today I will post those Battle Charger pictures people are asking for :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I effing love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. LOOOOVE! My favorite? Raphael! I loved his sarcasm on the original cartoon. Little did I know it was a watered down version of anger and bitterness. Still lov ehim anyway.
Well I picked up a set of the new Playmates toys loosely based on Nickelodeon's  TMNT. Of course I tweaked Raph first with some detailing over his entire body really. Unlike most Playmates toys these things are great! Good articulation and tons of detail waiting for a good paint brush.

Masterpiece Wheelie

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Spychanger WARS!!!

This is an in progress commission for a great regular customer. I hope he likes it!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Reviewing the Asian-Not-So-Exclusive Deluxe Figures

Now I only kept three of these for myself. I sold Swerve because I just don't need him. Sorry, I have no interest. However that leaves Wheelie, Springer and Cliffjumper to review. And big thanks to Robot Kingdom for making this possible!
 Let's jump in!

Now I'll be honest I mainly bought this set to get Wheelie. As regular readers know I LOVE Jazz and I am forever grateful they gave his Classics figure such a perfect mold! So when they said they'd use it to make Wheelie I was perplexed and annoyed that I'd have to go out of my way to get it.
The thing is that aside from the size it's perfect for him. This mold is crazy versatile! It looks great nd has the perfect colors. I even like the odd two toned calves.
Now I just have to figure out if he goes on my Jazz shelf or atop my MP Grimlock.
Hint: Jazz always wins out.

Springer here is my least favorite of these guys. I used to love this mold but these days it's limited articulation is painful to witness. Even with the giant feet that I don't like on Springer it's a pain to get him into any decent poses with that Sword. Also the sword sucks. It fits very loosely in his and and unless you remove one of the cannons it doesn't store anywhere in either mode.
The colors are once again perfect but... meh, I don't like his head. I was really looking forward to this guy but it looks like I'm still waiting on a good first party Springer.

I am surprised by this guy. I couldn't find a buyer for the last Cliffjumper in the case but that's a good thing as I really like this guy! He's a bit darker than the FE version of the mold and he has lighter windows as well. I believe the rest is pretty much the same but I can't compare them that well as my FE Cliffy is already painted up.
The head is kinda on the small side but somehow it works out well with this mold! I still am in love with the car mode so that helps a great deal as well.
This guy is a keeper in my book. Better than that Springer...

Asian Not-So-Exclusive Deluxe Figures

These redecoes were first revealed to us as Asian market exclusives. TF fans in the Western World freaked out at the possibility of us not getting something for once. I simply decided to take the first opportunity to get some of them for myself as soon as it arose. Robot Kingdom offered a case for a reasonable price so I snagged one, selling the figures I didn't need to my fellow Allsparkers at cost plus shipping. That left me with Wheelie, Springer and a Cliffjumper I didn't want. Turns out I DO want him.

So here, for the first time (to my knowledge), halfway decent images of the packaging so you can actually read the bios! And yeah, I really need to make a bigger light box.