Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Primal is Packin'!

I made some additions to this guy!

Optimus Primal Pre-Earth Redux


So I know Botcon did their own version of Optimus Primal Pre-Earth once upon a time. In fact I did the exact same one, based on a photoshop from another fan, Spark of the Allspark I believe, and it was a neat idea. Big gorilla arms and all.
Well whatever, I felt like doing another and I really dig this one. I tried my hand at that glowing effect people seems to dig so much. I didn't go big with it because I gotta fool with it some more. But I also gave him chrome panel lines, instead of going all Silverback Gorilla on him.

Vector Prime is Back Up

Vector Prime has been relisted.
Uber detailed, every last gear painted and prettified. The whole thing given a clear coat to hold it all in. Ready and willing to ship to a new owner!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Vector Prime: Clockwork Knight

So those that follow my Twitter feed have seen me teasing this guy. Well here it is... and man was this a lot of work!

One of my favorite TF figures ever, Vector Prime!
And this guy was made from the Hasbro version of the mold. Ya know, the all white one that just wasn't so hot. I airbrushed so much silver paint it's insane. But more insane was detailing all that gold in place. And then detailing between the gold which you can probably barely see but I'm all kinds of anal and I like subtle details and.... phew!
I had to specially mix that blue and then I added some gunmetal to parts to accent the silver a bit more.
Anywho, enjoy!!!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Vector Prime Sneak Peek

Now THIS is a long term project. This used to be a Hasbro Vector Prime, the all white one. He's almost done...

Monday, August 20, 2012

HotShot and Scourge


 So as many know I made a HotShot for our friend Walky some time back. I'd been meaning to make another for a while now so here we are.

I did a couple of things differently. While this idn't turn out as clean and even as I'd hoped I did manage to improve it a bit with the brighter red, which feels much more like HotShot now!

The previous version also had a problem where the visor couldn't be moved. I was experimenting too much on that one and ended up with too much paint and removing it would have been a giant mess. This time I didn't make those mistakes and the visor is working perfectly.

Also, like I said here are a few more pics of my Scourge repaint. I'm mostly happy with the metallic turquoise I mixed for it.

Three Bad Dudes

So this week sees the return of for real updates.
I just threw some paint down on my own Scourge. Painted windows because I'm not uppity about red windows.
I'll post more pics in the morrow!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I'm Not Dead!!!

I'm back behind the desk! Nothing new for you guys right now but I just wanted to let people know that updates will be coming on a regular basis once more.
WOOO vacation! And I came home to find a Jet Vehicon waiting for me! It. Freakin'. ROCKS!

Friday, August 3, 2012

While I'm Out...

Since I won't be around to entertain you, such as the case may be, please feel free to check out these fine sites that I frequent/contribute to.

Video game news and reviews and opinions a-plenty!

A bit of everything from comics, to movies, to video games but light on the toys. I need to fix that. You should tell them how much they need me ;)

Last but FAR from least:
The Allspark
My web home. You'll still see me poke my head in there a bit throughout the next week so stop on by and talk smack with us!

Oh... duh.
TFW Radicons
Lots and lots of custom toys that-a-way!

If you have more links you think are worth checking out feel free to let me know in them thar comments below!


So I'll be out of town for the next ten days. That means little to nothing in the way of updates so don't think I've vanished or anything.

Now I'm off to pack some toys so I can hit the post office in the morning on my way outta here.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

SDCC Bruticus Upgrade Complete!


Well, here we go. This took a LOT of hours to complete. I totally ignored the rest of the world and just put my head down to work, work, work.
Now my clear goal is to get a bigger  light-box, heh.

Be sure to check out the previous five posts for galleries of each Combaticon.