Friday, August 3, 2012

While I'm Out...

Since I won't be around to entertain you, such as the case may be, please feel free to check out these fine sites that I frequent/contribute to.

Video game news and reviews and opinions a-plenty!

A bit of everything from comics, to movies, to video games but light on the toys. I need to fix that. You should tell them how much they need me ;)

Last but FAR from least:
The Allspark
My web home. You'll still see me poke my head in there a bit throughout the next week so stop on by and talk smack with us!

Oh... duh.
TFW Radicons
Lots and lots of custom toys that-a-way!

If you have more links you think are worth checking out feel free to let me know in them thar comments below!

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