Thursday, July 5, 2012

Airachnid is Purty


Lookit what I finally finished up!
Labor of love? I dunno, it's a labor of something...
Anywho I've had a lot of people asking about the leg placement and how it attaches. Well here's the thing. The rotors/legs are on a 5mm post so she can hold them. Perfect! I use some junker hands to hold them onto her back. The center post is actually from the old helicopter mode itself
My old stand by of Gunmetal Gray was used on her to catch the highlights of the light better than plain old black.
I also detailed up the extra helicopter I had leftover from cannibalizing two figures to make the one.

Here, have a bunch of pictures. Bigger and MORE of them are in the eBay link up top.


  1. I want to try something like this, how did you manage to get rid of her giant backpack kibble?

  2. I cut it off.
    Sorry, I just realized I didn't mention that the Helicopter mode is a separate figure as I ditched it as I modded her.

  3. Looks great. Spider mode is better than the copter mode anyways. That's how she's mostly depicted in the show, so it's more accurate. :)

    Now how about making some of those guys I emailed you about a little while ago. ;)

  4. HA! That was a tall order, sir! It'll take a while before I can figure that out and give you a quote.
    Patience, my friend :)