Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The new hotness... just don't say that to her face.

It's easy to claim Arcee as my favorite character in Prime as she's one of the few where they've shown real depth of character. I hope this show is in for the long haul as I really want to see others explored as much as they've done with her.

Anywho,I sold off both of my First Edition Arcee figures once we saw pics of this one. Improved articulation and scale was all I needed. The only downside is the face sculpt isn't as detailed and the gun is enormoushuge. Also the paint job was severely lacking. Behind Voyager Megatron this is probably the most repainted Prime figure.. Mostly due to being fairly easy to handle. Her parts don't struggle to share the same space which leads to no scraping.

For this one I used mostly True Blue Pearl and Gun Metal with accents made possible by a mix consisting of Steel and Guards Red. I lopped off the end of her gun, added a C-Clip from another figure and used the ball jointed end to fit into her wrist socket.

This girl is my super modded version. The wheel on her ankle broke off so I cut them up and made her legs less bulky, added half a wheel to her back and removed the front half of the bike. For the wings I simply removed the ones found on the Cyberverse version and glued them in place.

As you can see she's incomplete. maybe one day I'll get her looking 100%.


  1. Looks awesome! Nice use of the Pearl Blue, its a good match.

  2. hey, sweet custome, but one question. I used Pearl Blue and its kind of dark, like how the Takara FE came out. Did you mix the Pearl Blue and Gun Metal or just use the gun metal to go over the silver parts? Thanks!