Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'm not about to churn out a custom every day so I may as well start talking about my past work.
Today let's look at this big old Bulkead!

The much sought after Hasbro First Edition Bulkhead is of course the base for this figure. I wanted this toy SO damn much... mostly because I didn't have him. But once I did get ahold of the guy I have to admit that it is one FABULOUS action figure. This thing really does morph from a thick SUV...

Too this wide gutted robo bruiser...

But of course I had to paint him up for that show accurate feel. I had planned in advance and started mixing my own blends of metallic greens. Once I had him I removed the windows so it would be more accurate in robot mode. I especially had to spice up his wrecking ball fist for a bit of glowy fun.

He was super expensive to get and not easy to paint but I think it was all worth it! 



  1. I want this guy sooo bad Cheets. The FE Bulkhead is far superior to the wide release that is hitting the stores now as far as show accuracy goes. Then you just totally kicked him up a notch by adding the paint apps.
    I don't blame you for charging so much for him considering what you had to pay to get him and the amount of work you put into him.
    Beautiful work as always!

  2. Thanks, bro.
    Yeah, letting him got for a super cheap price might make someone happy but that someone wouldn't be me. I went through too much with this guy.
    I'm glad the work shows :)