Saturday, May 19, 2012


That figure was the one that got me into getting all nutty over show accuracy with the Prime toys. The big baddy himself, Megatron, voiced by the original Megs, Frank Welker. I'm not one to get stupid excited just because he's the original when in fact I was dreading it as his G1 Megs voice had taken a huge downturn over the years. But he came up with something slightly different and it sounds pure evil and I LOVE IT!!! But I digress.

AHEM... So when I got this guy I liked the mold but the paint was very lacking. I went out of my way to make it as accurate to the images on the box as possible. I still didn't have access to the show in HD so it was the best I could do. Using all flat paints I dry brushed my way into a pretty awesome figure that I was extremely happy with.

Cliffjumper? Not so happy.

That was the guy that really got everyone's attention. I made him for myself but decided to finish it up since I didn't bother to work with the vehicle mode and put it on ebay.
That left me with no Megs so I made another one!

Pew pew!

This one used more silvers in the dry brushing process but the base was still a flat gray. Last time I had painted the outside of the cannon for a swirly energy effect. This time I simply painted the inside white so light bounced right back out and through the purple plastic. It almost looks lit in a few pictures.

Pew pew!

This time not only did I work on the vehicle mode more but I ended up making a buddy for him!

Soundwave here was also inspired by the box art when it comes to that "face" of his. The purple bits are all purple lines with thinner pink lines on top. I'd also started getting everything glossier instead of doing crazy false highlights with flat paints. Although do that stuff is tons of fun and I highly recommend trying to do it if you can.

Right now I have a couple more Megatrons in the works. One is a commission and was actually in that photo with Knockout from before. The other is for another project that won't be ready for a while.


  1. Cheetimus, I'm a big fan of your work. they inspire me to be courageous with my attempts in painting & kitbashing (I'm in the middle of painting Knockout).

    one question: what color did you use to for Soundwave? pink? violet? it looks way nicer with the lines to give it some contrast.

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