Tuesday, June 3, 2014

How To Fix TRU 2014 MP Grimlock's Loose Joints

Protip: They aren't loose.

When I opened mine and went to grab him from the plastic tray my thumb landed in a big glob of mold release gel. These newer toys seems to slathered in the stuff. I have guesses as to why but they are only guesses. But when I found this mess on the toy and then saw his floppy legs it made me wonder...

So what I just did was open his hips and thighs and rub the joints down with denatured alcohol. I let the parts dry, put them back together and the joints are back to normal. The things aren't loose, just greasy!

If you want to do this let me first say that rubbing alcohol isn't enough. Denatured is a lot stronger. The stuff is flammable. It also evaporates really quickly so it's not a danger unless you toss the stuff directly on an open flame like a lunatic. You can buy it in where most paint thinners are sold.

If not that then you can wash the parts THOROUGHLY with dish washing liquid. This cuts the grease but it takes longer to scrub the parts and then to let them dry. But it does work so there's that.

Just don't put the parts in the dish washer.


  1. I like pictures. Is there a danger of the spring mech in his hips shooting off when you remove his butt plate?

  2. The springs will stay in place but the crotch and ass will want to pop off.
    I'll try to work up pics later.

  3. I did two applications of Pledge FloorCare Multi-Surface finish. Formerly known as Pledge Future.
    The joints actually need a slight amount of force now to move.

    One coating would probably have been enough.

    By the way, I mean this stuff: http://imgur.com/pbr4OTN