Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Evasion Mode Optimus - Box Art Style


Well most everyone is disappointed in the paint job on this figure. Especially because it looks nothing like the on screen representation or even the box art. And man oh man do I love that box art!

So I decided to create a mix of screen accurate and the box art with this guy. Many layers of drybrushing and stippling and some hand painted flames which were more fun to do than I thought they'd be.


  1. dude! this is so awesome! im the guy who painted the box art for this toy, and you did an incredible job! i wish i could buy this toy <3

  2. Oh wow! Thanks, man! Your art really got me in a way that images from the film just couldn't. Simply a far better use of colors to balance the whole thing out! So yeah, thanks for doing a great job for me to copy!

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  4. you should sell it