Monday, December 2, 2013

B.M.O.G. - Bio Mechanical Ordnance Gestalts

First thing's first: Click this link for the BMOG Kickstarter

Did yu check it out? Still interested? I hope so because this project is all kinds of awesome.
A while back Trent Troop approached me and showed me his dream project and what I saw was rather great. He and his team want to produce a product to enhance your toy collection and they want to do it without stomping all over the IPs of other companies unlike all those 3rd party companies. Now THAT is a worthy cause. But it only got better when I handled these things and added some details! Now keep in mind these are just prototypes and the Kickstarter is there to produce the final product. Anywho, check this out!

That's Mantax and Ursenal. Just lookit those guys ready to blow things to hell and/or chop things to bits! So yeah, you start out with armed animals but they break down into smaller parts which then become weapons for your action figures. Of course I'm a TF fanatic so here are some shots of the smaller parts being used as intended.

These guys are just fun to play with. They boost your figure's arsenals, which are often lacking, and feature a great play pattern through combination as well as fitting your average 5mm peg/post.

So here's the BMOG Kickstarter link once more. There's not much time left to get in at the ground floor. There's even a tier that includes customized versions from me guaranteed to be unique to you and only you!

I don't easily throw my support behind things but this... I believe to be fully worthwhile. I hope you show your support as well.

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