Sunday, November 24, 2013


The holidays are here! And, like other retailers, I'm celebrating by making Black Friday last ALL WEEK LONG!!! Below you'll find a bunch of links to eBay listings with slashed prices as well as listings I'm selling directly! Have fun and feel free to ask any questions you'd like.

FoC Grimlock Custom $100 $79.99!

Pretender Grimlock Custom $100 $79.99!

Botcon Exclusive SG Straxus $68 $54.99!

Metallic Custom TMNT Mousers $40 $24.99!

TF: Prime Cliffjumper Screen Accurate Custom Preorder $80 $64.99

For the following figures please email me:

Cartoon Style MP Soundewave Custom- $300
Deadpool- $40
Custom Cyclonus- $30
MP Grimlock with custom detailing- $200
MP Streak- $70
Custom Classics Megatron- $30

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