Saturday, March 16, 2013

Smokescreen TF: Prime

 photo smokebanner_zps1428b848.jpg

I wasn't entirely sure about this guy until I got my hands on him. Since then I've just been having a blast making him look like a bad ass racer! The strips were especially entertaining because I hadn't done anything like that before. But aside from clearly missing details I went in on the molded details like those brake pads.


  1. Man, that is really nice. Totally spruces up the look, and takes it from a cheap-looking toy to something I'd love to own! Nice work! How do you get the paint so smooth?

  2. fucking great touch up on this guy! just got mine and I'm loving this mold more than i thought i would! and this custom is IT for me! how much would this guy run for if u were selling him? or do u do commissions as well? :)

  3. oops! sorry, just saw the ebay listing! any chance u doing more of him any time soon? :)

    1. Thanks for the comments! Shoot me an email. I'm always open for commissions.