Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thundertron Rules


I had more fun with this guy than I first thought I would.
First thing's first I needed to balance his whites and blues. The white was a problem because I didn't like the translucency of the plastic. I repainted it all with a pearlescent white I mixed for this guy. The blues are darkened and the hair... oh the hair! I love the look of it and wanted to make sure it looked like hair yet a bit metallic as well. Then some gold I've been having fun with.


  1. did you modify his blade at all to fit into his hand or did you just diassemble the mech tech and it happen to fit?

  2. I've gotta say, you took a below average toy and made it look fantastic. I was hugely disappointed with Thundertron. The awful beast mode and horrible colors were gut wrenching. You've made this into a toy that I wouldn't be ashamed to own. Dem blues, magnificent!