Thursday, June 14, 2012


This has been a long time coming. Not only did I get my hands on a couple of Vehicons but I finally got around to finishing my First Edition Starscream!

First, let's look at Megs and his boys!

"Where, Lord? I don't see 'em!"

So I had this Megatron with dulled chrome paint waiting to be finished with a bit of detailing. I also had these Vehicons and I figured I'd get them all together for a fun time.

"C'mon, guys... I ok to drive... right?"
I went a bit too far with the Vehicons. The photos make it look like I just painted them black but it's really a mix I made. It's extremely dark purple that doesn't come across in photos. Frustrating as hell, really.

One is from the big city! The other is a down home farm boy. Can they live together in one small apartment?

But we've seen that before. This guy though. Well, I started working on Screamer when the mold was first released but trying to decipher all those shades of gray with just pics from the net was infuriating so I gave it up for a long, long time. Until now!

After working on the Voyager mold with better reference pics I figured out what to do with this one. And while the Voyager has a better head sculpt this one has a better body as well as being in scale with most other figures.

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